Let us set the scene. You decide to purchase a new car and quickly realised electric/hybrid is the way to go. You purchase your car and bring it home only to realise the manufacture supplied charger does not meet your charging needs. Its taking 8+ hours to recharge. The solution is a fast charger from Fokearn.

You need it installed ASAP? No problem, here at Fokearn we endeavor to have your EV charger installed within 14 days.

​Don't forget you may be eligible for an SEAI grant of upto €600 and we can help you get it!


To protect our customers home from overloading of the electrical supply, As standard on our 7.4kW charging units we install load balancing equipment. In the early days of EV charging, before the introduction of Dynamic Load Balancing home owners experienced tripping of circuit breakers when equipment such as electric showers or cookers where in use while charging. When such loads are present our chargers will identify these and adjust its output to protect the supply.


Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant

Claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charger unit.

A government-funded support scheme to assist homeowners to install an electric vehicle charge point on their property. The scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. The applicant must be the owner of an eligible new or second-hand electric vehicle (EV)

Fokearn have vast knowledge in the area of grants and the SEAI, we will help customers with all necessary paperwork and certification. please note the purchase and installation of any Electric Vehicle charger must paid prior to receiving the grant.